Hi Haters

OK, so this quick post is just literally because Chad Nesbitt and his “journalists” at Skyline News finally gave us a little recognition on their Facebook! But the comments section of the post had a lot of people who weren’t sure if we were still active because it’s been a while since we posted here. So, hi there haters! We are still here, still going to steal your flags, attack condos, write prisoners letters, and spread anarchy whether by action, text, spoken word, or meme. And whatever else we want. Oh, and check our Twitter page out for some REAL news about Chad Nesbitt.

<—-Hellbenders out

Reportbacks from May Day Actions

Here are highlights from some anonymous reportbacks of actions taken here in Asheville, and submitted to Hellbender.

First, we hope you all had a wonderful May 1st. But more importantly, we hope that taking action (whether you report back on it or not) continues to take place around town beyond designated days of radical remembrance. Every day should have just as much potential for direct action as the next, irregardless of the history of the date. But we did enjoy the May Day bingo call to action. The setup was nice because it not only gave some a bit of direction in a time swirling with confusion and inundation of abysmal news on repeat, and the bingo board itself had variety. The bulk of the tiles were actions some of us take on a regular basis, but to coalesce those efforts with fun and solidarity, and spark engagement with action in new ways and possibly a few new faces felt good overall.



“…snuck into a parking garage where residents of some downtown condos have spots late last night, and surprise surprise first car I see is a bougie ass porsche or mercedes or whatever the fuck luxury SUV. So slashed the tires and tagged it up— HAPPY MAY DAY XO”



” Sent some moneys to Sean Swain’s support fund!”




“Last night a couple of us went out to the rich neighborhood by the grove park country club (barf) and stole as many flags as we could find off people’s porches. Unfortunately that was only 2, but that’s two less american flags up! Also we tagged up the country club with “EAT THE RICH” and some circles As.”






” this il mountain goatee fucked a whole foods security camera up with a big ol brnach fuckamazonfuckamazonfuckamazonfuckamazonfuckamazon  “



” pro-tip on dumpster fires: you really don’t need much gasoline to get it going. Too much makes dumpster go BOOM. “


Welcome to Hellbender – Here’s to a Helluva May Day!

Welcome to Hellbender, an anarchist DIY countermedia platform///loose collective based here in Asheville, NC — on occupied Tsalagi land. We’re here to help bring anarchist and other anti-authoritarian actions, news, projects, art and events to the forefront – especially those that’re relevant locally. Our aim is to share content that provokes direct action, autonomy, and self-organized action.

Given the current crises and the flux of the ‘everyday’ that we’re all feeling through in our own ways, we thought we’d  share something fun and spirited to start!

///     May Day 2020 BINGO     ///

Some other cities//crews have been sharing this around, and many will be keeping track for their locales. Now that you’ve seen it, we here at Hellbender would love to see what kind of work local ashevillains can get done on this board! If you’d like to send in any anonymous reportbacks or sightings, we’re happy to keep track. But feel free to tally up your own boards with whatever sightings you might come across yourself!

As the rust budz over at Filler PGH said earlier:

Play only w/ trusted friends if yr concerned about security. If yr interested in claiming a tile on behalf of 412 / spreading the idea of the game make sure that your communiqué doesn’t include details that may compromise yr movements or identity. Cities w bad opsec lose points!







—– Hellbender